Sossa Clip-On Attachments: Your Versatile Eyewear Solution

Sossa Eyewear’s Clip-On Collection  transforms your eyeglasses into adaptable companions for various situations. These clip-ons are more than just accessories; they are the embodiment of versatility, offering solutions for both sunny days and digital screen hours.

Sunclip Attachments

Our Sunclip attachments provide a versatile solution to elevate your eyewear experience. offer immediate protection against harmful UV rays, shielding your eyes from glaring sunlight and preventing discomfort.

The attachments are designed for quick and hassle-free attachment to your eyeglasses, often featuring a secure magnetic or clip-on mechanism for a snug fit and its lightweight and comfortable, sunclip attachments won’t add unnecessary weight or pressure to your nose or ears, ensuring all-day comfort.

Our Clip-ON Gallery

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